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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 11, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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that pages raised $238,000. james may not think he is the hero but a lot of folks feel differently. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington until friday. i am shannon bream. todd: friday, may 11th, this is "fox and friends first," a fox news alert. the stage is set for donald trump and kim jong un, the pres. find back at critics who said he would never bring north korea to the table. >> the fake news saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets you into nuclear war? weakness, weakness. >> we are live in washington with what is on the agenda. danger in paradise, another volcanic blast could come at any
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minute, terrifying warning signs, officials racing to evacuate the island. sticks and stones may break my bones but words will get me jail time. the new proposal to send people to prison for being too mean online. "fox and friends first" on friday morning starts now. ♪ ♪ tuesday wednesday ♪ thursday ♪ todd: i'm in love, with the fact that is friday. we got the care for all your blues on friday morning. straight to our top story. fox news alert, a high-stakes meeting with kim jong un on june 12th in singapore.
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griff jenkins have all the new developments. >> we have the time and place it for what donald trump hosts, there are signs kim is serious about pledge. there are satellite images from a san francisco firm showing significant reduction in the number of buildings around one of north korea's nuclear sites. a historic moment yesterday when donald trump in indiana, it was strong leadership that got us to this deck or. >> remember everybody in the fake news when they were saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war. he is going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets you into nuclear wars and what gets you into other wars? weakness.
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rob: doctors at walter reed medical center report americans doing well, in good spirits. donald trump prepares for the summit with some in his party congratulating him but cautious over the talks. >> very happy to see the prisoners released. i have been concerned with some of the rhetoric. we need to go in with our eyes open. todd: secretary of state pompeo setting groundwork for talks between donald trump and south korean pres. moon. todd: the white house sending a strong message to iran. the attacks on israel stop now after a historic barrage of missiles launched from both sides stoking fears of war. >> reporter: tensions boiling over in the middle east where
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many say israel and iran could be on the brink of war after israel launching the largest air operation in decades targeting 50 irani and military facilities in syria but those attacks in response to revolutionary guards, and israeli troops, the first time iran has targeted israeli forces. >> iran crossed the red line. >> reporter: they were intercepted or fell short but it was a major escalation. the israeli defense minister morning iran not to do it again. >> i hope we finished this round. heather: days after donald trump withdrew from the iran nuclear
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deal. vp mike pence tweeting we stand by israel's right to self-defense, to protected nation, people and sovereignty. the white house denouncing iran's attack saying, quote, the irani and regime's deployment aim that israel is an unacceptable, highly dangerous development for the entire middle east. last week secretary of state mike pompeo visited israel morning iran if it harms is real the american military will respond. >> the story has flown under the radar. thanks for the important update. iran's attacks on israel began hours after the pres. tore up the nuclear agreement, the next revolution on fox news saying these actions are enough justification for scrapping the iran deal. >> you couldn't of asked better justification for what the pres. did with the iran deal. approved the point iran is an aggressive, warmongering regime
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that controlled the region. for a long time the policy of us and european allies has been appeasement essentially. we talk to you and give you money and support you, maybe you will change your way. that hasn't happened. we are in a new world where the policies stand up to confront the bully. that is not easy and you can see the allies in europe, their policy has failed to contain iran. >> reporter: the present return to the drawing board, mike pompeo working with allies in coming weeks to renegotiate a better deal to address iran's nuclear and missile programs. fears mounting over an explosive eruption from hawaii's kilauea volcano. the next eruption could come any minute spewing toxic gas and boulders the size of refrigerators was the big island on the brink of mass evacuations. >> my kids are safe and our dogs
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are safe we have each other. todd: 2000 people have been evacuated from areas where lofa has torched 26 homes and destroyed dozens of buildings. air national guardsmen killed in a road agent laid to rest today, the funeral is police charge a convicted murderer in his death. nicholas webb stabbed harder after an argument on the missouri highway, convicted of strangling a teenager in 1980. he was in and out of fresen and last released in july. human remains discovered a mile away from where a mother deliberately drove off a cliff with her entire family in the car. forensic tests underway to see if the bones belong to one of the missing children. only six of their eight bodies have been found. jennifer hart was under the influence when she drove off the road. child welfare officials tried to
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reach the family hours before the crash. donald trump will lay out a plan for prescription drug prices. he will discuss ways to put american patients first. that includes reducing out-of-pocket costs and giving seniors better deals under medicare and cutting off so-called freeloading foreign countries by pushing for higher prices abroad. he has accused pharmaceutical companies of, quote, getting away with murder. is really nonprofit announcing the release of a coin that bears the face of donald trump showing our commander in chief alongside the ancient king cyrus who allowed the jews to return to jerusalem 2500 years ago, some symbolism, celebrating 70 years of israeli independence and shows appreciation for the opening of the new american embassy in jerusalem monday. 8 minutes after the hour, taking the war on terror online, the
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new apps that is supposed to stop terrorists in their tracks. >> we are not going to be walking into an iran deal where the negotiator, john kerry, refused to leave the table. todd: donald trump making clear his nuclear deal will be nothing like the one he tore up with iran. what does each side need to get what they want? our next guest says it might not be what the pres. is thinking and here we go. we love these. bad first pitches and whatever that is just happened. the first pitch that struck out with baseball fans when "fox and friends first" on friday morning roles on. ♪ ♪ hey baby do you come here often ♪ hey baby now 10 miles on every dollar they spend
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todd: back with a fox news
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alert, the stage set for the high-stakes summit with north korea which we know is happening june 12th in singapore. the pres. saying this won't be another iran deal. what does each site have to give to get what they want? jim, yesterday was a day of celebration, today back to business. who wants what? >> reporter: let me get the crystal ball out. you never make a policy on north korea thinking you know what the north koreans are doing, they told people we don't know what kim is going to do. he doesn't consult foreign policy apparatus and he will go in the room and do what he wants. we don't know if that is true but the administration walks in the door expect everything like a handshake and smiled to let's do regular and do a big deal, they have to be prepared for all of that.
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todd: using your foreign-policy experience can you estimate what he wants? what north korea will demand? >> the north korean comments like him could walk in but everything on the table, but if you listen to the rhetoric it is all stuff we heard before. we went the us forces to leave the korean peninsula and we will give up nuclear weapons. even if that happens, the problem is you have a conventional force problem, the north koreans have a bigger military than the south koreans. it would be an imbalance that south korea would never accept. that is an issue. a peace treaty with the us is a nothing burger. at the end of the day does it change the correlation of forces? i am not sure if that is something at the beginning or end of the process. the united states recognizing north korea come a nothing burger because here is the deal. if you don't want another iran
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deal, maximum pressure with missile defense, conventional forces and sanctioning until north korea is no longer a threat. a lot of those things you can't do until they have given up nuclear weapons. todd: the pres. will be a hardliner on so many issues but is there any wiggle room on our side and if so where is it? >> there is always wiggle room, diplomatic recognition, the peace treaty, you can do those things and not give up ground and where north korea and iran are bookends, say i'm walking away from the table with iran because the deal is not tough enough and give a sweetheart deal to north korea. talk about credibility vaporizing in a second. on the flipside the iranians are watching, if you are tough on north korea and north korea comes to the table with a credible deal that puts pressure
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on the uranian's. todd: i looked at predictions, this is a much more higher steak situation. ultimately at the end of the day, june 12th and beyond, what do you think a possible deal between the us and north korea looks like? >> i'm a policy analyst. anybody who gives you a prediction on this is an idiot. this is a big thing for markets. people expect a reykjavík moment, the president could go and they could extend talking into the second day and could talk about big things and they could walk out of the deal and get nothing, but that is okay because with maximum pressure, we dealt with the security threat and if kim is willing to come to the table now he will come back. if they wake away with something credible and if they walk away with nothing it proves what we said, we are not on a path to
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war, there will be another day, don't sell your stocks. todd: can't blame me for trying to get a prediction. we have two less wildcards at the end of the day. we will see what happens. hopefully the good guys make it out on top. thanks for getting up with us friday morning. it is 17 minutes after the hour. isis winning the social media war but democrats are worried about russia related ads on facebook as congress has its priorities out of whack. kurt the cyber guy with how the site could and should be racing extremists. >> too plotting dangerous for us. >> based on the premise from 2015. >> there are no reports that iran has violated the agreement. todd: what a difference a year makes, chuck schumer flip-flopping on the iran deal, the biggest flip-flop in history but donald trump won't let him get away with us and social
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and thanks to these xfi pods, the signal reaches down here, too. so sophie, i have an xfi password, and it's "daditude". simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. todd: justice served, and isis terrorists plant a roadside bomb in preparation for an ambush, seconds later it backfires and blows up in his face as iraqi forces worked to prevent isis from moving across the border to syria. we are learning how 5 high-ranking isis terrorists were captured, iraqi agents using a messaging apps on the phone of the top aid to the isis leader baghdady convinced four senior leaders to cross from
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syria to interact, that leading to the capture of us-led coalition forces. donald trump tweeting about the victory saying, quote, five most wanted leaders of isis just captured and when he said that that followed the north korea stuff. house democrats releasing facebook ads to show their impact on the 2016 election in the name of transparency but a new report finds at least a dozen us designated terror groups maintain a presence on facebook. should congress and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg focus unilluminating extremists on the site as promised? my question, we ask should they, my question is why hasn't this been done yet? >> everyone talking about democrats releasing facebook ads, everyone is ignoring this story, the ones that matters, where terrorists are online. you can log on to facebook, go to the search category, putting
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any names of these 12 different terror groups and we found a dozen. when you ask facebook about them they disappear right after that but we are learning facebook has come forward and done a good job talking how they are going to fix it. with mark zuckerberg in front of congress the tail end of april, a couple weeks ago saying what i am most proud of is how our artificial intelligence has been capturing information for terrorists online and we are doing such a good job, 99% of it cost. when you can log on and still see this on facebook we have a huge problem. i will give facebook credit they want to do something here but they have done this also. they have added 7500 human editors to filter out this stuff but it is not enough. here is a list of these four
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groups which are huge, linked up on facebook, hamas, hezbollah, these are on there and what we found is once they are kicked off it will resurface sometimes hours later and you say who cares? all of a sudden 44,000 on a us site being followed for this and they are finding a way to recruit, get their message out. lou: right there is no place for terrorism on facebook. we remove it as soon as we become aware of it. we know we can do more and we are making major investments. >> talk is cheap, action will be very worthwhile. i would like to see them not sit in front of congress doing a giant commercial to the american public and instead actually
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doing something about it. >> what they cannot figure out how to police it. >> at least they are taking responsibility. >> 25 minutes after the hour, donald trump making history bringing home 3 american detainees from north korea but the mainstream media can't handle another one. >> success in the foreign-policy field might be enough to distract attention from the mueller investigation. >> it is about donald trump, the ratings. >> does donald trump get any credit for the dramatic breakthrough? next guest calling it egg on the face of the mainstream media. clinton foundation back with the bank. the organization charging $100,000 to attend its ritzy
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gala. carly shimkus is here with the online reaction. ♪ take the money and run ♪
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>> rallying the crowd the president voted three former north korean detainees as they landed on us soil, donald trump united his base in indiana, spreading his message keep
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america great. >> this is truly an exciting time for our country, jobs are booming, america is being respected again. [chanting] >> i had the honor of greeting three americans. i will be meeting with kim jong un, fake new saying he is going to get us into a nuclear war. you know what gets into nuclear war, and what gets you into other wars? weakness. weakness. >> that rally looking like rallies when he was a candidate for office, 7000 supporters filling indiana middle school, hundreds were waiting outside,
1:31 am
donald trump fired up fans as republicans could learn a thing or two from donald trump and these events. >> the pres. has invented a new form the way fdr did with his fireside chats on the radio and it works for him. this is how i first saw him on stage, on the day's news, he has a little more telling since then but he has gone back to what he was doing in his campaign days. he is comfortable with himself and doing all republicans and all conservatives a service and this is something marco and jeb and john kasich and the rest can learn from. he is not being boxed in by democrat media, he's finding a way to get out what he wants to get out and it works for him
1:32 am
really well. todd: thousand came out to praise him for getting americans home the mainstream media does not seem to agree. >> success in the foreign-policy field might distract attention from the mueller investigation. >> very keen to get a win out of this. >> complete incapacity for human empathy. >> he knows how to get publicity, bleed a lot of drama. it is about donald trump, it is about the ratings. >> why won't the media give donald trump credit? here to way and is the president of district media group. thanks for being here. that was such an american moment. i thought, they will give the president the credit is due but not so much. >> something that should bring all americans together with you are republican or democrat regardless with the work in the media or not, bringing home
1:33 am
three american hostages is a huge victory, talking about hostages from north korea. this does not happen often. think about the state that otto warmbier was in, horrific conditions. to have this moment, the pres. meeting with three individuals when they landed at andrews air force base, a huge moment. we heard a lot about russia yesterday, stormy daniels and this should bring americans together. >> a few hours after the hostages returned we devoted our entire 60 minutes during my time in the church a coverage of the north korea situation. flash forward to the evening news, nbc, 2 minutes and 20 seconds, abc, 3 minutes, cbs 2
1:34 am
minutes and 5 seconds. than msnbc total primetime coverage from 8:00 to 11:00 pm on what was the biggest story of the day, total of 30 seconds. at some point isn't there some disingenuousness, a major american story. >> not just the hostage release but the possibility that north korea will get rid of their nuclear program, it will happen on june 12th, and the pres. kim jong un, that came out as well. these are major news stories, a country that we didn't know if we were going to have to go to war with. for there to be a potential for a diplomatic solution to north korean webkinz and that is not a major news story is shocking. i know there is bias in some mainstream media outlets, they
1:35 am
don't like trump but even on this story it is shocking how little time is devoted to it. heather: after this incident i don't see any situation the president can get any positive coverage for anything he does no matter how impressive or important it is for the country but we will see. we will have you back on when that happens. calling out chuck schumer, donald trump putting the minority leader on blast for his flip-flop on the iran deal. carly shimkus for serious xm 115 with reaction online. >> reporter: the tweet says it all. donald trump taking to twitter, chuck schumer farhat again. deal going at it with pres. obama and then voted against it. now he says should not have terminated the deal but he doesn't believe that, say with comey, and i fired him.
1:36 am
the sen. shot back using the name of first lady milania's initiative writing be best. the pres.'s supporters weighing in on the latest tit for tat, crying chuck is a political hack, donald trump is the only person in washington americans trust, it is time someone says it like it is and put america first and john says chuck schumer is living up to his name, he always moves according to the twisted views of the party. he did a video, he would prefer the pres. stay in the deal, work with our allies to fix it. todd: he didn't just oppose the deal, he was on every single news channel vociferously fighting against the deal. we are going to a party and need $100,000 to go. >> we have not heard about the
1:37 am
clinton foundation but we are reportedly hosting this swanky gala with tickets going for as much as $100,000 but it could be worth it because the musical entertainment is provided by sting and shaggy. chris on twitter says they will take the money and run looking to flee the us, the mountain of investigations into numerous crimes. not sure how it will be spent but it will be in the clinton pockets for their personal use only. what a scam and katrina says one would be insane to pay that price. todd: still living like it is the 90s. shaggy. >> recently made an album together so they are kind of relevant. heather: unfortunate said news. >> sounds like the plot of the movie. iron man's suit is missing. los angeles police say someone stole the suit robert downey
1:38 am
junior war in the first movie from a storage facility in california and on twitter, why wasn't this locked up in a vault. something like this is a huge value, $300,000 for that suit. another twitter user says it is a case for the inventor to find iron man's suit was the cast of the avengers movie or too busy swelling in the big money they made. todd: a pleasure, have a great weekend. 38 minutes after the hour. the massive data breach that affected millions of people just got worse. is your passport information in the hands of hackers. a brand-new proposal to send people to prison for being too mean online. your comments pouring in on this one. the worst first pitch of all time. the baseball blunder going viral this morning.
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todd: you could be serving serious jail time for being mean online. prison sentences for people who post hostile things on social media including hatred toward race,. or sexual identity. of caught, 26 weeks behind bars, it could be more severe someone has a large online following. what do you think of this? most of you do not agree, no a. don't they have real issues in the uk to worry about? the law sound so we can the wording. i guess they don't have
1:43 am
free-speech, control people from saying what they really will. and deserve jail time, virtually every post offends someone. isn't that the truth? students can earn college credits for dismantling so-called white culture or meritocracy. and witnessing whiteness at the colorado springs. and and there are courses in math. foxbusiness alert, massive data breach that affected millions of people got worse. how your passport could be in the hands of hackers. >> reporter: there was an internal review that 3200 passports involved in the
1:44 am
compromise data of millions of people, equifax has been slow to get out the data we heard, driver's license numbers, government issued ids, somewhere around 48 million americans affected by this hack. todd: this is good. mother's day on sunday, happy mother's day to my mom. there are ways you can toast your mom with other deals. >> a lot of businesses celebrating all the moms out there. the smart phone apps, a $5 rebate. and moms eat free. and attentive deals, check social media and businesses posting deals. todd: produces are scared i will
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comment on hooters. thank you, time is 44 minutes after the hour. a shift on the world stage setting history once again, from tel aviv to jerusalem. >> after the promises of many administrations and presidents, we finally open the american embassy in jerusalem. todd: pastor robert jeffers will be at the inauguration to lead the prayer. praising the move is the most a medic example of a promise made promise fulfilled by our commander-in-chief. ♪ mom, dad, can we talk?
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not the other way around.
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>> the nurse accused of leaving hr mcmaster to die is charged with involuntary manslaughter. christian gainey never checked on hr mcmaster senior after a senior living center left in his wheelchair in the hallway for 7 hours. >> gainey could have saved mr. mcmasters's life. >> american soldier found guilty of deliberately destroying military humvees, video showing humvees crashing to the ground after sgt. john skipper cut their parachute straps during an exercise in germany in 2016. court-martial punishing skipper
1:50 am
with a demotion from sgt. to private and bad conduct discharge. they can cost $220,000 each. another campaign promise fulfilled, the us embassy in tel aviv making the move to jerusalem monday. pastor robert jeffers will be there to lead the prayer at the historic events, good morning. what this means individually, what is the mood among evangelicals in advance of this? >> they are ecstatic as our committed jews. this has great spiritual and historical significance by recognizing jerusalem and moving our embassy, our country is saying what we know from history in the bible, jerusalem has been the capital of jerusalem for -- capital of israel for 3000 years and here's why that is
1:51 am
significant. the historical truth that jerusalem has been the capital for 3000 years, the jewish people came into that land 70 years ago and took away from the palestinians and the jews had no rightful claim to it, the bible says and history confirms god gave that land to the jewish people and i believe, genesis 12 says god blesses those countries that bless israel and curses those countries that curse israel. i believe donald trump in the united states are not only on the right side of history in this decision but the right side of god. todd: what message does this send the evangelical community in the united states? what message does the pres. and with this group? >> promise made promise filled with judicial appointments and sanctity of life movement just
1:52 am
shows this president can be trusted -- bigger than that, right now all the conflict in his real taking place, and protected by god. and to be excited about israel, it is because the bible says israel is an object lesson of god's love and power and i believe people say are you nervous about going to israel? i am not nervous at all because that is the one nation in the world god has promised to protect. todd: you will be there leading the prayer, how special a moment will it be? >> i'm so honored to be asked to do that. in my prayer i will recount god's history of faithfulness to israel, thank god for the strong leader in benjamin netanyahu as
1:53 am
the prime minister, donald trump and also going to quote the psalmist who said pray for the peace of jerusalem, those who love her prosper and pray for peace right now. todd: as a man of faith i can't imagine the excitement you are going to have in the next 96 hours. safe travel and touch base with us, looking forward to it. 53 minutes after the hour. a brand-new bug worming its way into social media sites. a new high-tech jewel for the u.s. army, night vision goggles, helping keep our soldiers safe in battle. ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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todd: cool country to ease into your we can, beautiful set of old glory over the avenue of the americas. malware could be stealing our passwords without you knowing. the worm directs users to download browser extensions claim you can't watch videos
1:58 am
without it, gaining access using a strong security program and changing important passwords if you think you may have been affected. can you spot the difference, one of those online things, the british fashion house suing target accusing them of copying their iconic print, the target was selling items these scarves seem with similar patterns to their own products. the letter was sent to target last year but the retail giant did not comply. they are suing $2 million for each allegedly counterfeited trademark, the u.s. army getting deadlier thanks to futuristic vision goggles, they would accurately shoot from the safety of cover even around the corner of the building. the technology connects to guns meaning troops will see whatever their rifle sees. these we implemented soon. finally, plenty of bad first fishes in baseball history but
1:59 am
this one may take the cake. he also played in the nfl and in spiked his pitch into the grass before the phillies game. >> what came out wasn't what i thought it was going to be. it is hard to travel as high as you want. >> to his credit the ball reached the home plate area, phillies won 6-3 over the giants. he got too fancy. play it simple and you are an athlete, you played professional sports. how does that happen? they can't believe it. "fox and friends first" continues with rob and jillian right now. >> those hostages came out with respect, we didn't pay for them. we are going to set the table, make a great deal for the world,
2:00 am
north korea, south korea, japan, china. >> friday, may 11th, june 12th, singapore is where and when donald trump will come face-to-face with kim jong un, brenda prove the leader of the road regime may be making good on another surprising pledge. >> the world on edge the most intense fighting in years breaks out between the two middle eastern rivals, stern message from the white house tellier and got off. jillian: the off-duty officer who jumps into action to save and unresponsive baby. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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